Melissa McLaughlin





In Studio

Join Melissa in any of her public yoga classes

Monday: 9:45 AM @ CitySports Petaluma

Tuesday: 4:30 @ Yoga Works Novato

Thursday: 4:30 @ Yoga Works Novato

Friday: 7:30 AM @ Point Reyes Yoga

Saturday: 8:15 AM @ YogaWorks Novato

Sunday: 4:15 PM @ Yoga Works Novato

Don't live in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Invite Melissa to your Studio. 

Melissa’s classes have helped me tap into a greater sense of strength and alignment. Her continued dedication to the practice and to her students is inspiring.
I think you’re really going to love practicing with Melissa.

Personal Yoga Training

Deepen your practice. Inspire your life. Be well.

Study one on one with Melissa to achieve your personal health goals. 

Melissa has a perfect balance of what I think a yoga instructor should be: Powerful, yet gentle, and an authentic presence.
— Marlo Rice
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At the office

Support your business and employees with in office yoga, movement and/or meditation offerings.  

Classes are curated to the needs of your business and to support and balance the work of your employees. 

Melissa’s focus and commitment to her practice and her teaching shine through her always upbeat presence and positive demeanor, every time. You definitely need to check out her classes.
— Tony Briggs


My YouTube channel is designed to support your journey wherever you are on the path. We offer a wide range of tools for everyone from the beginner to seasoned practitioner. In sharing educated and experienced advice, Melissa hopes to connect you to the full potential of your unique structure, a relationship that will support your curiosity and growth in a lifelong sustainable yoga practice. 



In Writing

Melissa's writing is dedicated to the adventure of being human.

She shares what inspires, ignites, confuses and confounds her.

In sharing her philosophy, she hopes to inspire you to live boldly, stay vulnerable, and keep creating.


Get Started Today

 Everyone's life, challenges, bodies, and experiences are different. However, we can apply time tested tools to your specific needs to help you get the most out of your time and effort. I advise students from a grounded, educated, and approachable place. I am here to help you navigate. 

Let's get started today.

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