Melissa McLaughlin is a San Francisco Bay Area  yoga teacher and ACSM certified personal trainer. 

Melissa's love for yoga rooted in 2008 when she discovered the Sivananda yoga lineage. The blend of simple yoga postures, breathing practices, and devotional chanting resonated deeply with her curious, philosophical nature. After years of practice in many styles of yoga, Melissa took her first teacher training at The Mindful Body in San Francisco, where she became fascinated with the structure of the human body. She went on to intensively study Western Exercise Science, Anatomy, and Biomechanics as well as continued yoga training with some of the West's most senior yoga teachers including Chuck Miller, Peggy Orr, and Jason Crandell as well as assisting classes and events for Tony Briggs, MC YOGI, and Amanda Giacomini. 

Melissa is forever grateful to her teachers and is honored to carry on the tradition of sharing this rich practice. She believes that yoga is equal parts science and magic. The tools of practice when consistency applied can lead to greater balance, ease and contentment in daily living. Beyond that, sincere and open students will inevitably find treasures they never expected.

Melissa's yoga classes are sweaty and soulful, striking a balance between dynamic flow and sweet stillness. On her teaching Melissa says, “My job as a teacher is to share the tools of this practice with clarity and accessibility then create space for the yoga to happen. It’s our job as students to show up and listen, not simply to what a teacher is saying, but to what the yoga is trying to teach us. May this practice encourage you to listen to, find confidence in, and seek guidance from your greatest teacher, you.”

Melissa McLaughlin's passion for movement began in long-distance running where she fell in love with running's rhythmic and meditative quality. She enjoys mixing up a variety of healthy activities including running, hiking, yoga, weight training and high intensity workouts. Melissa's personal training sessions are a combination of cardio, weights, and core strengthening components designed to meet you at your level in a way that feels safe, encouraging and FUN!

May we together be protected, 
May we together be nourished,
May we work together with great energy,
May our study be enlightening,
May we never grow to hate one another
Om Peace, Peace, Peace.