My China Life

In 2009, I boarded a plane that would take me to Hunan, China for one year. I had no idea what was in store for me. I was ready for and curious about living in another country and a culture so vastly different than mine. I was not disappointed. China is a country both fascinating and extremely frustrating. It's equal parts industry and superstition. It drunkenly walks the line of ancient and modern. It proudly showcases the ridiculous, the extravagant, and the chaotic. In my time in China, I ate the best food with the most welcoming of friends and family. I skirted the lines of communication, learning both passable Mandarin Chinese, extravagant hand gestures, and the language beyond words. I was inspired by the level of curiosity many Chinese had for me and their pride in country and family. When we travel to far off places, we have an opportunity, with enough observation, to find the invisible thread that connects all beings. It gives one an unshakable faith in humanity. Both in recognizing your own resourcefulness and adaptability, but also in seeing that most of us are helpers. It grows your resource of compassion and forces you to be a helper too. 

I just recently relived my time in China through pictures and excerpts on the World Teach Instagram page. I've shared those pictures and comments below. Enjoy!