god lives in you

When life seems desperate,
When the bottom falls out,
When absolutely nothing seems funny to you,

Seriously, laugh out loud,
Like a crazy person,
Laugh so hard you pee your pants a little.
Laugh until your face turns red,
Or maybe even cry.

If you can't find anything to laugh about
Then laugh at yourself.
You're a fool.
Laugh because you're a crazy, mixed up, turned around, upside down fool.

If you can't move
Then give up.
Lie down.
Close your eyes.
Let go.
Give up.

Yeah, so you're a fool,
You're the most beautiful fool there ever was
A human being.

You are unique and ordinary.
You are the world's greatest comedian,
And the punch line to every bad joke.
You're the melted cheese inside a warm burrito,
And the moldy bread that stinks up the refrigerator.
You are everything and nothing all wrapped into one little body.

You don't have to waste time trying to be perfect.
You have lived one thousand lifetimes in the blink of an eye.
Every second you die and are reborn.
Every opportunity is a new lifetime.
You have walked on the moon.
You have traveled through time.
You know the secret of the universe.
You have seen the face of god.
And you are still a fool.

Stop taking everything so seriously.
Smile in the face of all the joys and all the heartache.
Lighten your load.
Lighten your stride.
Lighten your heart.
You have everything you need already.

You are everything.
You are nothing.
You are god.