So Cal Deserts

Before I lived in Southern California, I thought of the desert as a wind swept wasteland. I had images of sand dunes and lost travelers crawling toward oases that never actually appeared. The deserts of Southern California changed all of that for me. Aside from the wild rocky landscape, there's a surprising amount of life in this arid ecosystem. Plants and animals with specific adaptations to thrive with little water and lots of sunlight. Joshua Tree National Park and Anza Borrego Desert State Park are two of my favorites to visit, especially in Spring time. They are, in fact, wildflower hotspots. For a few weeks, around this time of year, things in the desert show their true colors. Low lying, unattractive brush blazes yellow. Catci bloom pink and red. It's so, so awesome!

I appreciate that the desert is more than meets the eye. it requires a close look. Desert Spring is awakening. A desert Spring is short and brilliant.A flash. A burst. A moment of colorful inspiration before returning back to the Earth. 

Melissa McLaughlin