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A divine dance between Shiva and Shakti, sutras from the Bhairava Tantra celebrate the inspiration to be drawn from the beauty of the earth, love for others and reverence to the divine. Perfect when you need a dose of inspiration or direction for your meditation or yoga practice.

You who have been seeking, whatever path you are on,

A moment will come when Divine pulsation grabs you
And carries you into its dance.
In the midst of ecstatic motion,
Your body dissolves into light, leaving only
The softly glowing benediction of bones.
You become the face of fury, yet serene within.
Eyes fly open in amazement,
Seeing the unseen vastness.
Or you become a tongue tasting upward
Into the nectar of eternity.

The soul reveals itself to itself
Through movement,
Energy-infused undulations and gestures
of hand, foot, spine, face, and form.
The invisible loves the visible.




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