Fill this journal with your words. 

Let them pour through you as water moves effortlessly down stream. 

Be a conduit of magic and intuition. 

Resist censorship of feelings that appear mundane. 

In this life, there's no need for greatness.

Sacrifice the idea of worthiness. 

Be the purveyor of the real. 

Conduct yourself in ease. 

Commit 10,000 hours. 

To trying. To failing. To the art of being. Being alive. Being broken. Being vulnerable. 

You are not meant to be the voice of anyone but yourself. 

You don't speak for privilege. 

You don't speak for women. 

You don't speak for America. 

You speak of the chasm between two worlds. 

Between the real and the unreal. 

Between the noise and the silence. 

Between reality and the myth. 

Beyond the permanent approaching the infinite, in between the world of man and the blanket of God. 

Your gift is your ordinary-ness. Your gift is your uniqueness. Embrace both. 

Life isn't meant to staged, played and performed. 

Life is absorbed between incompleteness and the whole. 

Through the eyes of the observer, the world reveals it's mystery. 

See. Share. Start over.