On Meditation

There is a noise. 

A dull and ever present static to the human experience. 

Sometimes the noise echoes doubt. 

Other times self-congratulation. 

Depending on the frequency it can be deafening or just a faint whisper. 

Where does it come from?

Is it real?

What are we to do with it?

Lingering anxiety or made up assumptions about the world we live in, it seems so real and true. 

Is the world ending?

Am I not enough?

Am I doing this right?

The noise gets us to question who we are, what we’re made of, what we’re doing with our lives. 

Yet deep down we sense that static, the buzz in our brain, the noise from the TV screen, we know it’s not all there is…

What if the noise is a lie?

A trick to keep us from our power.

 The noise steals our peace. 

Peace of mind, peace between us, peace with the planet. 

What if there was a way to turn down the volume?

Or replace the buzz with a hummmm.

What if I told you, you are enough?

What if I told you, you have everything you need already?

Would you believe me?

Would I believe me?

We’ve become addicted to noise. 

Addicted to outrage. 

To not enough. 

The need to be great again. 

A society of winners. 


In the quest for greatness, we move the wrong way.

Seeking validation from the outside in. 

Looking for answers in the noise. 


The noise, it leads you astray. 

Seek refuge in the soft grey darkness behind closed eyelids. 

Practice listening in silence. 

With time you may see, that silence is not the mere absence of sound, but a place for a different kind of knowing. 

A new way of listening.

You observe the noise. 

And if you can observe the noise, how can you be the noise?

You are not the noise. 

You are not the static. 

You are not your greatest fear or your biggest triumph. 

What’s the you that observes the noise?

You are an unfolding boundless opportunity. 

Success and failure are just tiny blips on the radar of your essence.


You don’t have to choose to be good. 

You don’t need to decide to be happy. 

In silence, you can just be

Whole and empty. 

Complete and complicated. 

Dull and radient. 

You straddle the space between reality and the dream.

You are a particle of cosmos in the soup of infinity.

The noise?

The noise has nothing on you!

You are God with pants on!

You get to be ordinary.

You get to be alive.

And that itself is extraordinary.

Don’t let the noise convince you otherwise.