Take No Shit

Disclaimer: This post contains strong language. If you're offended by that, don't read it. Or do, whatever, you're an adult...

In 2013 after the tragic death of Trayvon Martin, I wrote an article titled “I’m Racist,” the thesis of which was, “Hey, we gotta deal with the subtle racism that lives within each of us.” Especially white people who care but also those of all races, to categorize and make fewer assumptions based on the outer shell. Each human being should practice greater self-inquiry to eradicate the illusion of separateness from the root, where it lives in our own minds. Those with privilege to own it, to displace less the problems of the world onto others, “people in the South,” police officers, income inequality etc. I encouraged an approach of both compassion and internal reflection.

That was a different time. 

I underestimated the moral inferiority of some people in this great country.

What happened in Charlottesville this weekend is another thing entirely. 

White Terrorism…plain and simple. 

You want to pretend like it’s different, call it Nationalism? 

There is not even a drop of patriotism in a mob of tiki torches shouting “White Lives Matter.” 

White men of this country have suffered no great oppression other than the extraordinary slight of other people fucking existing. Your ancestors were not hung in trees or burned alive or chased down the street by dogs for simply wanting to sit wherever they’d like on the bus. 

It’s not confusion. It’s moral failure. 

It’s not fear. It’s cowardice.

There should be conversion camps, not for gay men, but for bigots.

There will be no safe harbor. 

There will be no understanding. 

There is only “Not on my watch.” 

You are not welcome here. 

Not in this country. 

Not in this era.

We do not accept you. 

We do not relate to you. 

We do not try to understand you.

Fuck you.

There is the Hypocratic oath which asks professionals to “Do not harm.” It’s a theme that runs through religions and social philosophies. Well some genius modern yoga practitioner updated it to say, “Do not harm, but take no shit.” 

And this? This is bullshit. So yes, with sincerest loving kindness I say, “Fuck you, you are not welcome in 2017.”

To those who think that Confederate monuments are just a part of our cherished American history, consider what happened in Charlottesville this weekend. 

Slavery is the greatest moral stain on our nation. One that is not easily washed away. You don’t get to say, “well, I didn’t own slaves. Let me have my Southern history.” No, you tear down the idols. Burn the Confederate flag. I mean what a bunch of horse shit to have men marching down the street waving flags of the Confederate shouting, “You lost.” There are men wearing their mother’s bedsheets in public thinking their so damn tough. It’s time we let them know, they are not. 

We are stronger. 

To those who took to Twitter to shame Colin Kapernick, where is your moral outrage now?

Your fury is misplaced. 

History will not remember you fondly. 

You are the problem. 

America is great in spite of you. 

Denounce this moral disease now.