Support Substance

Whatever tolerance I had built up for the rampant narcissism that pervades modern yoga culture, its gone now. The wear these pants. Buy this organic face moisturizer. Do these 5 exercises to burn your belly fat. Get more likes! THEN YOU’LL BE HAPPY…LIKE ME!

That’s what gets me. The individuals and companies that bet on your insecurities. They profit off all the little things that make you feel inadequate. AND they do it under the # of yoga. 

I’m over it. 

Rather than giving any additional energy to superficial non-sense. I’ve come up with a new #yogachallenge 

To be clear, having a million followers or posting yoga photos isn’t a bad thing. It’s how you use the platform that you got because of your association to yoga. Rather than spend an inordinate amount of time complaining online, here’s my challenge to you and to myself:

  1. If an account on social media makes you feel bad about yourself, Unsubscribe. 
  2. Commit to sharing cool stuff with integrity; funny, interesting, meaningful, smart stuff. If you have a social media account that has the word ‘yoga’ in its handle or brands itself as a yoga ‘influencer’ or yoga teacher, notice how you market yourself and by extension ’yoga.’ What language do you use to describe your relationship to this practice? If you sell or advertise products through your account, do you consider if it aligns with your integrity and purpose? 
  3. #followFriday: Every Friday from here on out, I’m going to share a student, colleague, senior teacher or company who uses their platform to do awesome stuff of substance. Its not enough to be annoyed by something. I think we should shine a spotlight on people who deserve attention for the good work their doing in the name of yoga. There’s tons to students of this practice doing amazing stuff to change the world, let’s prop them up. 

For so long, I mostly ignored this yoga on social media phenomenon. Don’t look at it, don’t follow it. But it’s festering and growing and I think the only cure is to do our best to be the reasonable, passionate opposition. Sure we may not have the same numbers, but we are here and a vital addition to the conversation. May our participation increase the capacity for intelligence, depth, and aiming a little higher in the modern online yoga landscape.