Beginners Mind

It’s a pretty natural human trait to want to rush ahead.
Sometimes I get so impatient reading a mystery novel I spoil the surprise by skipping to the end.

In our culture we often value the biggest, fanciest, sexiest thing and undercut the value of foundation and structure.

Take even baseball. There’s really nothing more exciting than a walk off home run in the playoffs. Am I right? 
But elite baseball players don’t approach batting practice trying to hit every ball as hard as they can.
If they do, 9/10 in the batters box they will strike out.

Baseball players do many of the same drills they grew up doing, but overtime all the subtlety it takes for mastery reveals itself. And in big moments they’re mentally and physically equipped to do something amazing.
Yoga is a transition from the gross to the subtle. The obvious to the invisible.
Even if we say we only show up to do something overtly physical and flashy, the foundation is critical for mastery.

This structured approach breeds freedom. 
Being “advanced” in Asana, the physical dynamics of yoga isn’t really about doing bigger flashier things. It’s about doing simple things in a more advanced way.
Being intimately aware of the pads of your fingers in the floor. The arches of your feet artfully rising. The swirling energy of breath in your rib cage.
Holding yourself with effort and agile ease.
A wired and connected system of glowing awareness from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head.

Melissa McLaughlin