I’ve heard it from a few of my yoga teacher friends recently. 
The feeling of competition. 
I’m sure in most big “yoga markets” it feels the same. The wondering…How much of the game do I have to play? Should I buy Instagram followers? Do I need a brand consultant? What are the metrics of success in a field of work with little consensus or best practices? 
I can’t say for sure but I’m guessing there are hundreds of online training on how to make your yoga business thrive. While I’m not a mega commercially successful yoga teacher, I know I’m not interested in what they’re selling. 
I’m playing the long game. ⠀ 
I thrive on experimenting with traditional notions of alignment but marinate frequently in the texts and philosophical roots of this tradition. I seek teachers both in this tradition and also outside of it to inform how I can best serve the community and the people who show up in my classes. I studied for a long time before I considered teaching and was lucky to have a string of mentors help me find my voice. I’d rather be teaching or running or hiking or studying than crafting a longterm marketing strategy.
I also know, that part of this job is entrepreneur and strategy is required to live in the householder world. I also know my path to teaching is unique, the bedrock of which has always been COMMUNITY. In the first years, other teachers believing in me and now my strong desire to work alongside of exceptional people and lift up their offerings and voice in this space. I know I can’t possibly teach every aspect of this practice and I know that my perspective is necessary. ⠀ 
There is that old saying, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” I’m not interested in just scratching the surface of life or of my practice and the teachings. I choose COLLABORATION over COMPETITION. Teachers, I know it can be hard to navigate how best to do this work. And so I make this offering to you, let’s go together. 
Do you have something to promote? I’ll share it.
Do you need advice? I’m all ears.
Do you have an epic idea and aren’t sure how to see it through? Let’s do it together! 
Let’s go far. 

Melissa McLaughlin