For far too long we believed the myth that there was room for only one of us. 
We fought over who was prettier or smarter to make ourselves worthy of that small space. 
The lie served to keep us separate both from power and from each other.
For too long, we let them tell our stories for us and to shape history around our silent and broken bodies.
But just below the loud record of history, we could hear it. ⠀ 
The soft whispers of our ancestors. ⠀ 
Humming low but strong, the song of divine feminine shadow and light.
They always sing to us, ⠀ “They will try to steal your bodies and tell your story for their profit. They will sell you on the lie that you are not enough. Pretty enough. Smart enough. Strong enough.”
But listen to me closely, for this is the true power of the woman. 
When we move over to make space for our sisters, it actually multiples the space around us.
Nothing is lost, everything gained. 
Because we breathe life into things.
Where something once did not exist, we made it.
We can be bold, and loud, and crazy, and soft, and sweet and gentle. 
The thing they fear most is our collaboration. 
That our vision of the world might just be better. 
For we have the power to breathe life into things.”
Your vulnerability is your greatest strength.
Be bold. 
Take up space and make space for others.
Tell your story and listen to the stories of your sisters too.
You have the power to breathe life into things.
I freaking love you and honor all the parts of you.
Yes, even the ones you don’t show me.

Melissa McLaughlin