More than one yoga teacher in my life who when I’ve told I love long distance running looked at me as if I just told them I smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. ⁣
“You’ll destroy your knees,” they’ve said.⁣
“You’ll never be able to ‘excel’ in your practice,” they’ve hinted.⁣
⠀ ⁣
I’ve had fellow trainers and now even some in the yoga community exclaim that passive stretching will just make all our bones come unglued somehow and we will literally fall apart.⁣
⠀ ⁣
In all my years of dedicated movement, studying in school and books, in shalas and home practice, I’ve come to appreciate what a marvel these bodies truly are.⁣
⠀ ⁣
What science seems to reveal more and more these days is that your body is not a machine in the same way a car is a machine.
Scientists and doctors who spend hours and hours of each day in laboratories discover new incredible things about the inherent intelligence of our system all the time. ⁣
⠀ ⁣
May we approach the body with confidence, wonder, deep care, and true love. ⁣
May we approach the art of teaching people ways to move their body with confident humility and try to foster that same confidence, wonder, care, and love.⁣ ⠀ ⁣
We don’t need to scare people into trusting us.
We don’t need to speak with authority about brand new science that we don’t fully understand to be curious about what it means.
May we lead as optimists and facilitate resilience.
No shame. ⁣
No guilt.⁣
Just tools for a long life of happy movement.⁣ ⠀ ⁣
The thing I’d really like you to know, and I’ll say it a million times if I have to, “You. Are. Not. Broken.” ⁣
You’re not too weak. ⁣
Or too inflexible. ⁣
Or too slow.⁣
If you show up and try just a little bit the body responds to take care of the rest. ⁣
Trust it. ⁣
It is so much more resilient than we give it credit for. ⁣

Melissa McLaughlin