Melissa’s classes have helped me tap into a greater sense of strength and alignment. Her continued dedication to the practice and to her students is inspiring. I think you’re really going to love practicing with Melissa.
— MC YOGI, musician and International yoga teacher
I have been attending Melissa’s yoga class at City Sports for almost 3 years. She is incredibly knowledgeable in her yoga practice and shares her knowledge in a way that can be understood by the masses. Melissa has a perfect balance of what I think a yoga instructor should be: Powerful, yet gentle, and an authentic presence.
— Marlo Rice, yoga student in Petaluma
It’s an honor to be one of Melissa’s teachers. Her intelligence, clear communication, dedication to practice and personal integrity make her an exceptional student and teacher. Take every opportunity you can to study and grow your practice with Melissa.
— Jason Crandell, International yoga teacher
Melissa’s focus and commitment to her practice and her teaching shine through her always upbeat presence and positive demeanor, every time. You definitely need to check out her classes.
— Tony Briggs, senior Yoga teacher
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I love Melissa’s class because she is down to earth, knows the physical mechanics of the body, & is a dedicated student herself.
Melissa is easy to listen to and follow. Her clear direction through practice allows class to flow, offering up more challenging options to asanas for exploration while maintaining the importance of breath & listening to ones own body for cues. I’m always encouraged in a fun way to take myself to my edges in her class.
— Laura King, yoga student, Point Reyes
Melissa is a great yoga teacher, personal trainer, and writer! I’ve personally had all the experiences- and had the pleasure of being in her classes at Point Reyes Yoga. - She is truly amazing, entertaining, and you can depend on learning something new- in a fun way - She knows how to make it fun- while you learn and get to be better. I’d recommend her for anyone, any time, any place.
— Zsuzsanna Biran, Yoga student, Point Reyes