Personal health guidance from a teacher you can trust. 




Health and personal wellness has a different meaning for different people. My experience with my own health story and participating in the health story of other people has made clear to me that health is much more than physical fitness. Health is a physical but also mental game. Health relates to how we treat our bodies and how we see ourselves and the world. Fitness encourages us to cultivate practices that facilitate balance, ease, and grace in your daily life. Consistency in these practices overtime leads to a greater sense of self, physical and mental health. 

I combine the tools of yoga practice, meditation, and exercise science to guide people to a life with greater ease, contentment and balance. I share time-tested advice and encourage you to listen to, find confidence in, and seek guidance from your greatest teacher, YOU! 


You won't catch me peddling fads, powders, or quick fixes to your perfect body and instant happiness. I'm here to give you educated and experienced advice that overtime will allow you to develop comfort and ease in body and mind. 


  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) certified Personal Trainer
  • 500-HR Advanced Yoga certification *in progress
  • Certificate in Fitness, Nutrition, and Health-Santa Rosa Junior College
  • B.A. Philosophy and Political Science Boston University
  • Formal study and training in: Exercise Physiology, Human Anatomy and Biomechanics, Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries, Exercise Assessment and Prescription, Circuit and Weight Training Methods


I've worked with a wide range of physical abilities, personalities, and body types. From the novice to seasoned athlete, the stiff to the flexible, young to old; I've tailored training to meet the needs of many different people. Exercise is not one size fits all. It takes an experienced eye to help you find the way into your unique body, but there is always a way in. I am here to help you discover movement and wellness practices that work best for YOU! 


I take pride in creating lasting connections with students. Fitness, yoga, and meditation work when done with consistency. Consistency is achieved through routine rooted in enjoyment. If you dread exercise, chances are you won't stick with it. If you don't see results, you may feel discouraged and give up.  To see results you have to commit and to commit you'll likely need to find some joy and satisfaction in the process of cultivating well being. I love yoga, meditation, and all forms of exercise! That love translates in my work and filters down to my students. 



Services and Pricing

Yoga and Personal Training 

  • 1hr.-$90; 5 session pack-$400 ($80 a session); 10 session pack-$750 ($75 a session)
  • 1.5 hr.-$120; 5 sessions pack-$550 ($110 a session); 10 session pack-$500 ($100 a session)

Same pricing applies for 2-to-1 Yoga or Personal Training.

*Yoga Mats, Blocks, and Straps provided. Fitness equipment available with training packages at Riverfront Fitness Studio, Petaluma. 

*Private sessions available in your home, at Riverfront Fitness Petaluma or Yoga Toes Studio Point Reyes Station, CA

*Travel fee of $50 for locations in San Francisco. 

Private Party or Corporate Event 

  • 1 hr.-$200; 1.5 $250

*Mats provided