TRX Fusion: Strength & Mobility
to Jun 24

TRX Fusion: Strength & Mobility


Join me for a semi-private class series every Sunday morning in June. 

Class size is limited to 10 students and this will sell out! Call the Novato studio today to reserve your spot. (415) 408-6565

Deepen your understanding of your physical structure while you enjoy a fitness class that incorporates TRX, Balls, and Resistance bands. Expect an engaging strength building circuit along with functional mobility exercises. Fitness enthusiasts & Yoga practitioners alike will benefit. Yoga Practitioners, what you learn can help balance out some of the actions of your asana (yoga postures) practice making it more stable and sustainable over the long haul!

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Explore Your Core
2:00 PM14:00

Explore Your Core


Go beyond the six-pack muscles ideal to explore the deepest parts of your core! When we are able to stabilize and support the whole trunk, movement becomes more fluid and graceful. In this workshop, we’ll relate bandhas to anatomy then move slow and steady through a vinyasa flow sequence designed to activate all the regions of your trunk.

You'll learn:
o Basic structure and function of the core
o How that structure relates to the bandhas of yoga tradition
o How to use the deep core to slow down and create ease in the transitions of a Vinyasa practice
o Skill building drills & core release

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