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Inversion Deconstructed

Inversions Deconstructed is designed to help you feel more confident working upside down. Whether you’re already comfortable practicing these poses or you tend to shy away and not know where to begin, you’ll get tools to continue to work with increased skill, power, and ease when playing with these beneficial poses in any setting.
No inversion experience is required! Melissa will break down alignment techniques and give options to steer you toward finding the base of support that works best for your unique structure. The workshop will end in restorative inversions to soothe the central nervous system.

Inversions covered include:

• Down Dog

• Dolphin

• Handstand

• Forearm Balance

• Supported Headstand

• Shoulder stand

• Plow Pose

• Legs up the Wall

• Plus variations

Earlier Event: April 27
Inversions Deconstructed